Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Chiara's Birthday Party

Chiara will be 3 on December 28th but given the timing of both her birthday and Asher's we had her party early. I think it was our most well attended party ever with more than 30 guests. The theme was tattoos. Rachel and Molly put the finishing touches on Chiara's cake. Rachel had drawn the artwork, then took it to the grocery store so they could print it onto sugar paper.

The Sullivans arrived early so they and Chiara filled the balloons.

Then Chiara got a huge bouquet and danced with them.

Once the guests arrived, the tattooing was fast and furious. Nearly all the kids and some adults got a tattoo or two and some guests got 15-20. Unfortunately I didn't get any good pictures of the array of tattoos once they were done.

We also had spray-on hair color. The other side of my head is equally green and Mackie, Jayna, Mateo, Chiara, and the twins also got copious color in their hair. I didn't get pictures of everyone who got hair color.

The cake was delicious and Chiara blew out the candles well.

And what else can I say but "party hard, crash hard!"

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DaniKel said...

Happy Birthday Chiara!!

Looks like the party was a hit!!