Monday, January 4, 2010

Chiara's Birthday Party

Sunday we had Chiara's 2nd birthday party. Many many friends and family came and we had a wonderful time. Somehow the camera holds lots of pictures of me and Chiara and very few or none of quite a few guests. We're especially glad the Levines could come from Houston to celebrate with us.

Following the theme dollhouse/dolls etc., we had two crafts. Trapping adults in the castle was one:

Ok, not really. Coloring the castle was one. Here the castle is pristine but by the end of the party many guests had colored and signed it. It looks really cool now.

The second craft was to make little dress-em-yourself dolls. Most of the kids made dolls and some of the adults but we didn't get many pictures. Wylie was particularly focused on cutting and sticking. Even though we thought most kids would put magnets on their dolls, a lot got left behind. Here are all the orphan dolls on our refrigerator.

Rachel had help from Asher and Chiara making and decorating the dollhouse cake. Chiara's help most consisted of her sticking her finger in the icing as Rachel tried to decorate it.

She wasn't crazy about everyone singing Happy Birthday at once but she was totally on board with blowing out her candles and eating cake!

Avelyn enjoyed some cake too:

And after the holiday season, Chiara's got this presents thing down. She called for present opening shortly after everyone finished eating cake.


CJ said...

Happy Birthday, Chiara!!

Team Serrins Springfield said...

CJ - Thanks so much.

mitchjkaufman - Thanks.