Saturday, November 28, 2009

Thanksgiving Weekend

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving visit with the Levines, Kremer-Serrinses, and Kremers. Mitzi hosted this year and made a wonderful meal with assists from us for crudites and Rachel's famous deviled eggs while Christie brought some delicious pies. The Karaoke tradition was not as full as in prior years but Asher sang Dancing Queen with me and You're the one that I Want with Christie:

On Friday we went to the Houston Zoo. It was free Zoo day which I didn't know until we arrived but the zoo was wonderful. Chiara wanted to see the E-phants!, and Asher choose Giraffes but we visited most of the animals. I think the merkats were a particular favorite as they were very playful and engaging. Asher and I were both prairie dogs for a little while.

Both kids rode the carousel (Chiara's first time). Chiara rode on a puppy dog until she leaped into my arms and stayed there. Asher rode the giraffe and was thrilled even if it didn't go up and down. I'll post some pictures when I get some off a phone.

It was a wonderful holiday and nobody visited the emergency room so it gets bonus points.


CJ said...

Ok, we want video for the karaoke songs!!!

Team Serrins Springfield said...

I know! I wish we had videotaped. I couldn't see his face because I was behind him and Rachel was outside with Chiara but my brother & SIL said he was just grinning as big as his face as he sang.

DaniKel said...

Looks like a blast!!