Sunday, September 13, 2009


The Saturday before Labor day weekend we went camping with the Levines at Buescher State Park. It was a quick but very good outing. Chiara explored while we set up the tent:

A few group shots including Rachel, Chiara, Asher, Jonah, Alissa, and Mitzi:

And Jonah gets something to eat while Asher hides his head.

Saturday we walked into the office to find that Chiara had stolen my Ipod from where it was charging and was attempting to listen to some music:

And Rachel finished knitting Chiara's baby blanket. Can you tell Chiara loves it?


DaniKel said...

Ooooh - that looks like so much fun! I so plan to take us all camping next year!

Team Serrins Springfield said...

DaniKel - Once your kiddos are all well, you guys should all go. Of course, you've got the sports schedule to work around but it's still fun. We're going to get a State Park Pass so we can go for hiking day trips too and not have to pay to get in.