Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Rachel, Chiara, and Asher rearranged the toys and got out new books last week. Now Chiara's interest in the books is even higher than it was before. She will bring you book after book and say, "read, read" or "gain, gain" (again). Here I am reading her one of Asher's favorites from this age: Dr. Seuss's ABC book.

Chiara also likes to dress herself. I arrived home this day to find that she had adopted a rapper persona and was wearing a pair of too-big jeans backwards with nothing else on. Note her standing up in her high chair.

Dwayne, Michelle, Duncan, & Phoebe visited us this past weekend. Here are some pictues of the kids together.

This was a dress of Rachel's.

And finally, here are some pictures of school at Casa Serrins/Springfield.


DaniKel said...

The love of reading and the standing up in the high chair SO remind me of Caelyn! lol

Loving her rapper persona!

Looks like they were super intent during school hours at Casa Serrins/Springfield!

Team Serrins Springfield said...

She wasn't big on reading and then suddenly she is all about it. Plus she can identify the number 2 and the letter A so she's all about them. And she constantly stands up in the high chair.

The rapper persona is awesome.

Yep, they were into it.