Sunday, April 19, 2009

Weekend Pictures

First off, here are two pictures of Mitzi and David after finishing the MS150 this weekend. Although the first day of the ride was rained out, it is a fantastic fund-raising event and athletic event. We're proud of our family for participating. The links to the right will be active until the middle of May if you just realized you wanted to donate to the cause.

Asher tabulates votes for lunch location:

And Chiara (wearing my favorite of little kid clothing - a romper) climbs up the toy shelf and onto the window sill. I'm sure it sends a mixed message but I couldn't help wanting to get a picture of her signing more while I said please sit down. You know she's thinking, "You said sit down. I'm sitting now." If you say "sit down" or "get down" she will say it back to you even if she doesn't do what she said. And if you say "sit down or lay down" she will incline her head like she's taking a nap.


DaniKel said...

Asher is too cute tabulating the results!!

And those pic's of Chiara are too cute! Of her on the window sill, and her signing more! Hard to not take a pic!

Team Serrins Springfield said...

DaniKel - Sometimes I think we created a monster explaining to him how we can vote on things. This weekend we all agreed on a restaurant but he still wanted to vote so we each had to nominate a contender, then vote for each. The fact that the first restaurant mentioned got 57 of 60 points didn't phase him either. But then, since the system kept us from having to watch Mamma Mia for dinner theater a few weeks ago, I'm all for it.

She does that on the windowsill all the time. She will climb on anything, that kid!