Thursday, February 26, 2009

Assorted Photos and Updates

First off are some more adorable pictures of Chiara feeding herself with all the skill a 14 month-old can muster (happy birthday today, darling). Did I mention she really loves yogurt?

Last week Rachel and the kids did finger paints one day:

Simply a random cute picture:

Both children are recent dare-devils. Chiara climbs into any chair left out and stands on it or just sits to talk as she's doing here. Asher, has decided to stand on the monkey bars and try to walk across. He is genuinely disappointed that he can't stand on the playscape roof and touch the clouds. I'm doing surprisingly well with the entire endeavor.

And here's a shot of Rachel playing Guitar Hero on her birthday. Thanks, Ang.


Zip n Tizzy said...

Love the expressionistic art.
Talented children you have!

Team Serrins Springfield said...

ZT - Thanks so much. It's fun because for the longest time Asher would only draw numbers and letters. Now he's becoming a bit more abstract which is good for art if not for cleaning one's room.

DaniKel said...

Love all the pic's! The messier the baby, the cuter the picture!!

Looks like they had fun painting! We need to do that soon.

The pic of the two of them together is just super sweet!

And I have to admit that just the pic of Asher up on the monkey bars makes my heart stop!!!

Love the Guitar Hero Shot! We also enjoy playing it - whenever we have free time - which right now is approximately never! lol