Sunday, November 23, 2008

Hopscotch and other Pictures

Asher has been listening to an IPod with one of us before bed rather than watching a show or something. On Tuesdays, when Rachel works, I let him listen to it after I leave the room. Here's how we found him on Tuesday when we went to check on him.

Chiara loves Rachel's phone. More importantly, Mitz, look at the pants!

The other day we went over to LD & Joey's and Ash wanted to concentrate on his music.

And here is Ella, LD & Joey's new and very sweet puppy.

Sunday we went outside to play and ended up doing Hopscotch. I definitely would have dressed differently had I known it was going to be a photo op. Chiara watched the game with interest.

I don't know whether having someone push on you while hopscotching makes it easier or harder.

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