Sunday, October 12, 2008

Dressin' up and showin' off

Rachel and Chiara had a tongue-sticky contest the other day. I had one with Chiara last night at dinner that went on for a really long time but alas, we didn't catch it on film.

Chiara loves to do a down-ward dog and usually keeps her head off the ground until she decides to look back and flirt. Then she puts her head on the floor like this.

I certainly wouldn't declare it an obsession but we've watched Cars a few times this month and have been acting it out a lot lately. The other day we stopped at the store after the dentist visit and got a three pack with The King (the blue car), Lightening (red car), and Charley (the yellow car - the pace car). We also got a Katy Copter.

We're attending a wedding next weekend so we needed to get Asher a suit (or at least a vest and tie). This is the first one that we got and he tried on. We're actually taking this one back to the store because we found one we liked better (and which cost less) yesterday but look how fly (and big) our guy looks. Oh, also this tie is a clip-on but we found him a cool zipper tie that goes around the collar but you don't have to tie it.

Finally, congratulations to Deborah, Katie, and Zachary on the arrival of Emma Jeanne, 9 lbs. 20 3/4 inches at 1:56 10/10/2008.


k. said...

Look at those smiles! It almost looks as if Chiara is trying to come into half pigeon in one of those photos! Awesome yogababy.

Team Serrins Springfield said...

I know. She's a riot the way she moves.

See you tomorrow! We'll be the ones in the back row trying to keep our kids quiet.