Tuesday, March 11, 2008


I don't have any pictures at the moment to upload although I should be able to do the ones from the weekend in the next few days but I want to brag on Chiara. So last night we were going to bed. Asher was already asleep and Rachel laid Chiara on her back next to her with me on the other side of Rachel. Chaira was really awake and kicking and waving her arms around (punching herself in the eye pretty regularly). Well, I was waving back at her and moving my fingers and stuff and she was really intent on me. So I put up a hook-em with my left hand. She stared at it for 20 seconds very intently, then looked at her own hand and started moving her fingers. She managed to get her pinky and index fingers up and the middle two a little down even if she couldn't really tuck them into her palm but she was definitely making the Hook-em. We ended up with Rachel and I both making Hook-ems while Chiara tried to match us!

Did I mention Hook-em?!!!

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