Saturday, December 8, 2007


The holiday season is upon us and it's always fun. In true blended family style, here are assorted pictures. Asher has enjoyed lighting the menorah every night and he has done the lighting. Here's a picture, although in this one I am holding the candle. He's really enjoyed his presents too, including: South America puzzle, Asia puzzle, a Barnes & Noble gift card, and some little toys. Then, yesterday we went out to the Elgin Christmas tree farm. Ok, it was a little strange to cut our own Christmas tree when it was 83 degrees out and I worked up a good sweat sawing it down and dragging it back. They have a good system there where you ride out on a hay ride and they drop you and you just wander around to pick the best tree and cut it down. It wasn't very expensive either which surprised me. Asher helped me cut down the tree but you can't see him very well in this picture.

We haven't started decorating the tree yet but look how big it is. I'm not even sure that our tree-topper star will fit on top. It's our first time to have a live tree and it's just beautiful.

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